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Title: Delievery3/10/2016 8:22:16 AM
Do you have an online delivery site? Thanks!
Title: 2021/2/15 11:26:05
Please cancel my order. Apparently you are not Open. Shouldn’t be taking online orders
Title: 2020/10/29 16:43:45
The order that was delivered was not what I ordered. You delivered two orders of orange chicken instead of one orange chicken and one general Tao chicken. The orange chicken was soggy and not good.
Title: 2019/6/25 16:08:28
Hello, I placed a order at 657 yesterday, I ordered orange chicken. Crab Rangoon and dumplings. I usually order from Ricepot religiously. But I thought I would give you a try. I am sorry to inform you but the Chechen was undercooked with soggy batter, you can taste maybe old or reused oil fried the Rangoon and dumpling. I am very disappointed in the quality of the quality dedicated to your food services. I threw the food out but I am requesting a refund. Danielle Kaya
Title: 2019/12/29 10:04:36
I find the staff to be friendly and quite courteous. I ordered orange chicken twice and find it quite tasty. I do not understand the negative reviews of this restaurant.
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